EIFS is a type of building exterior wall cladding system that provides exterior walls with an insulated finished surface and waterproofing in an integrated composite material system. Another benefit of EIFS is the option to add architectural details that are composed of the same materials.


Traditional Stucco is a hard-coat, wire-mesh system. The traditional application of stucco and lath occurs in three coats — the scratch coat, the brown coat and the finish coat. The two base coats of plaster are either hand-applied or machine sprayed. The finish coat can be troweled smooth, hand-textured, floated to a sand finish or sprayed.



Our specialty finishes are made up of acrylic modified cement-based coatings that transforms everyday concrete into beautiful decorative faux stone finishes. It can be used to restore and beautify old deteriorating concrete. It is ideal for walk ways, terraces, patios, pool areas, fireplaces, or any industrial or recreational flooring that requires the look and performance of stone. The luxurious and classic beauty of hand laid stone, slate, flagstone, fieldstone, tile or wood plank in any combination of colours can be achieved to your desire.


Cultured Stone Veneers are manufactured in order to replicate the look and feel of natural stone. These stone panels are used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior and interior walls and surfaces. There are endless design opportunities when using Cultured Stone veneers to create the look you are searching for, whether it is a rustic fireplace or feature accent wall. We provide the necessary products in order to suit any design idea.


TIOCOAT is a high-strength elastomeric coating that provides the ultimate in reflectivity and weather resistance. TIOCOAT’s tough white finish resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt and extreme weather conditions. This versatile roofing system can be applied on a large variety of roofs such as BUR, Mod-bit, EPDM, concrete and asphalt.
The TIOCOAT elastomeric roof coating system creates a uniform, seamless surface that remains flexible even at low temperatures, resulting in a longer roof cycle. TIOCOAT provides 89% reflectivity of solar radiation, which will significantly reduce the buildings energy requirements and help combat Heat Island Effect.


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